Aesthetic Look Sound Proof Easy Maintenance Dust Proof Energy Saving
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Fix Windows uPVC Casement Windows

All sections of the frame, sash, transom & mullion shall be duly reinforced with G/J/U/O shape galvanised mild steel section considering structural / wind load requirements. All the corners / mullion / transom joints of the frame & sash shall be mitred cut & fusion welded without any mechanical joining. All welded joints are to be neatly trimmed & feature grooved/raised nib finish so as to make the finished product free from all sharp edges & burrs. System shall have adequate drainage mechanism to permit the escape of water from horizontal member beneath each sealed unit.
System shall be provided with the suitable uPVC beads for glazing of the system with specified/required glass (5mm thick) (single / IGU), duly cut at correct degree & fitted with ‘K’ & ‘O’ type inner and outer EPDM weather seal gaskets. System is to be provided with proper operating and locking hardware mechanism of Guoqiang (GQ), OR equivalent
Complete Door/window shall be fixed into the existing pre-finished aperture, by drilling & fixing through the outer frame using high quality fasteners & silicon glue is applied to fill up the crevice between wall & window frame for leak-proof installation.

uPVC Windows
uPVC Doors
Benefits of uPVC
  • Aesthetic look
  • Water resistance
  • Sound proof
  • Energy saving
  • Dust proof
  • Easy maintenance

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