Aesthetic Look Sound Proof Easy Maintenance Dust Proof Energy Saving
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Holistic thinking Holistic thinking does not just encompass harmonic unity of the product range, but also the complete product cycle, from development to production to correct application all the way to the environmentally friendly concept of recycling.

Partnerships Winkraft places high priority on developing solid relationships with its partners and engages in consultation work.

Quality The company has a comprehensive and detail-oriented quality system that ranges from product development to sales. Critical product inspection is carried out by independent testing laboratories.

Operational efficiency In addition to the various applications and designs that are possible, a long product life cycle as well as minimal care and maintenance of our products are prerequisites for operational efficiency.

Time-Proven Formula System And Scientific Structure Design

En Craft developed its own ideal material compound Komalit Z , a uPVC blend of the highest impact resistance grade, especially suitable for tropical climates. The colorfast window profiles made of Komalit Z do not rot, corrode or brittle even under extreme conditions. The profile only requires minimal maintenance to keep frames in top condition.

All necessary members of windows with En Craft profiles are steel reinforced for maximum strength, security and durability.

In the past half-century, En Craft window system satisfy the families around the world. The unique formula Komalit Z and profile structure design meet the highest requirements. Besides aesthetic viewpoints, these include peak technical and physical performance values and an extremely long life while at the same time requiring minimum care and maintenance.

uPVC Windows
uPVC Doors
Benefits of uPVC
  • Aesthetic look
  • Water resistance
  • Sound proof
  • Energy saving
  • Dust proof
  • Easy maintenance

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