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Doors Sliding System

Tilt & Turn are in-swing windows. As such, the floor space around the window is kept clear for the window to operate. According to the situations, either a wide open window is required or a window that can just provide a crack of air. Tilt and turn windows are a style that can offer you both. Designed not only to swing open, like a door that offers ease for cleaning, these windows are also free to tilt back from the top and allows a few inches of ventilation.

Many of the tilt and turn windows use single lever system and feature multi-point locking systems that is helpful in sealing the window tightly and providing good home security. They can be manufactured with single glass panels or multi-pane configurations.

The tilt and turn window is a dual functioning window that can be swung like a door (Inwards) or tilt the top of the sash into the room for ventilation. For opening the window partially, just turn the handle a quarter, the window opens tilting it from the top and provides great ventilation. An another quarter turn of the handle after closing this window, the window opens fully form at its hinged side that is good for cleaning and can also be used as an emergency exit because of the ample space provided.

uPVC Windows
uPVC Doors
Benefits of uPVC
  • Aesthetic look
  • Water resistance
  • Sound proof
  • Energy saving
  • Dust proof
  • Easy maintenance

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