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Aesthetic Look Sound Proof Easy Maintenance Dust Proof Energy Saving
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     uPVC - Unplasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride, this directly denotes, it is absolutely Environmental Friendly. Due to its unique properties uPVC is widely recognized as one of the best and most fit-for-purpose materials for doors and windows. WINKRAFT is a visionary, environmentalist, precision product brand from AICL
AICL has formed a technical collaboration with WHS Halo, a renowned British firm that is a leader in window solutions. AICL has received the expertise of With encraft in the design and manufacture of technically innovative products for the building industry and has launched UPVC Windows and Doors under the brand name 'WINKRAFT'One of the most critical factors affecting the profitability of any window or door fabrication business is the choice of profile system supplier.
Winkraft offers the following support......

uPVC Windows
uPVC Doors
Benefits of uPVC
  • Aesthetic look
  • Water resistance
  • Sound proof
  • Energy saving
  • Dust proof
  • Easy maintenance

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